Cady Erickson, Farm Owner

Dreamfield prides itself on providing a genuinely superior boarding experience. No detail has been overlooked and no expense has been spared. The barn is designed based on the principles of Feng Shui to promote architectural and environmental harmony. The buildings are carefully situated on the property to reduce the impact of inclement weather. Comfort Stall flooring, automatic waterers, low dust shavings, an aisle way of rubber pavers, nighttime nibble nets, non-chemical fly spray, and a covered drive for trailers are just the beginning of the exceptional array of refined amenities that are provided.

. Exclusive Equestrian Facility in Chapel Hill, NC

I have been boarding performance horses for over 30 years, first on the west coast and now in North Carolina. I looked everywhere for a farm that had big, safe, clean stalls and a green pasture for my growing 6 year old warmblood. A riding coach referred me to Dreamfield and Cady Erickson. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first got there. The place is gorgeous and everything I need to keep my show horse in tip-top shape is already in place. I couldn't be happier at Dreamfield. And most importantly, my horse loves it. If you want a no-drama, stress-free, top-of-the-line, Euro-style place to keep your horse, definitely consider Dreamfield and Cady Erickson. Individual feeding, free choice grass hay, deep shavings in a padded 14x14 stall, pasture manure picked up every day. Since work keeps me away most weekdays, Cady checks my horse daily and lets me know what is going on. She is thoroughly professional and I have no problem leaving my show horse in her care.

Betsy ~ Hillsborough, NC

Horses boarded at Dreamfield Farm relax with a grazing buddy in individually assigned four acre pastures, rich with well-tended grass; rotated so it’s never over-grazed. Each pasture is picked free of manure daily and cleared of sticks, stones or other potentially harmful items. The hay, shipped from Pennsylvania, provides the highest quality nutrition available. Snack time treats such as apples or carrots

are provided at the request of the owners. Bridles are wrapped and tack is carefully stowed in ergonomically designed storage units. The gorgeous maple cabinetry and granite counter tops in the immaculate feeding room house specialized containers for all food stuffs to eliminate contamination by insects or rodents. Each horse is hand checked twice a day from forelock to tail. Impeccalbe tackroom with all the amenities From their thick glossy coats, to their happy and well-balanced emotional state, owners can see the difference boarding at Dreamfield makes in their animal.

A lovely horse is always an experience... It is an emotional
experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.

Beryl Markham
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